Only-One-Level Dropper

for Minecarft v1.12.2

Download Only-One-Level Dropper for Minecraft 1.12.2

This Dropper Map Is The Easiest Map Ever Cuz It Has Only One Easy Level!


Read Rules Here:

  • Singleplayer Only (You will completely break the map if play multiplayer)
  • Play In 1.12+
  • Gamemode 2
  • Difficutity peaceful
  • Cheat Are Allowed (Thats right but dont fly around until you finish the map)
  • Render Distance: 10+
  • This Map Doesnt Have Custom Resource Pack So Use Whatever You Want!
  • Additional Info

    To install this map: go to the file explorer and type "%appdata%.minecraftsaves", and then drag the map's folder in there.

    For Youtuber: If you do record on youtube i'd like to see your video! Comment it!

    This Is My First Map so Pls Comment All The Bugs And All your Ideas for the map!


    Good Luck And Have Fun!


    Download map Only-One-Level Dropper (321 kb)

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    Published 14.09.2018 by AOTTTN