Escape the Lost Halls

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Download Escape the Lost Halls for Minecraft 1.17.1

The result of a catastrophic failure, the Lost Halls is a mysterious structure hanging somewhere in the fabric of space and time. It is constituted of never-ending hallways and of an annoying mushroom infestation. There is only one way to leave the place: by capturing the only living entity, called the Eye. This is not an easy task, as it will wander around the Halls and defend itself if necessary. Your goal is to disable the defenses of the Eye, which will be a long and difficult task, with the help of your teammates!

Escape the Lost Halls is a custom (with models + cinematics), multiplayer compatible escape map. Unlike other escape maps, your goal will not be to escape, but progress through the depths of this map and catch a mysterious entity, an Eye of Ender.

Multiple tools will help you in your path, each having their own uses (e.g. break special walls, open secret chests). If you are afraid of dying, you can find totems hidden around the map as well as a few extra things. Exploring a large map can be difficult, so a coordinate system and a notebook are here to help you as well as a fast travel book


This map is designed for players with some minecraft knowledge and parkour skills.

-Version: 1.17.1

-Multiplayer compatible - play with your friends! 1-3 players recommended. (up to 11 players)
-Difficulty: hard (takes 1-2 hours to complete on average)
-Keep particles on

I recommend these minecraft settings:

- Brightness: BRIGHT
- Clouds: OFF
- Music: ON

Do not reupload this map on other websites without explicit permission from the author.


Stuck? I don't blame you. Here's the walkthrough!


Download map Escape the Lost Halls (17 mb)

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Published 11.09.2021 by Urgle