Safari Button 2

for Minecarft v1.16.4 171 views

Download Safari Button 2 for Minecraft 1.16.4

"Safari Button" is an epic puzzle map, waiting for you to try it. Will you succesfully pass all 6 hard levels? Get ready for a challenging experience!

Levels included

  • 1. Snowland
  • 2. Mushroom Village
  • 3. The Lab
  • 4. Under Water
  • 5. Mines
  • 6. Castle
  • Game Rules

    • Only for Adventure Mode
    • Only for Singleplayer
    • Volume(on): 50%-60%
    • Brightness: 50%-60%
    • About Gameplay

      "Safari Button" is a finding puzzle map. Your target is to pass the challenge going through the 6 levels. Some levels contain puzzle complete and parkour in order to find the button. So, Good Lack


      Download map Safari Button 2 (2 mb)

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      Published 5.03.2021 by Das_Skou