Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.8.3:

Here list of the 20 maps for Minecraft 1.8.3, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 2 March 2015, last map added 2737 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 214 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download Shadow of Carn Dûm for Minecraft 1.8.3

Shadow of Carn Dûm 2.0

Once Carn Dûm was a great and peaceful empire, but a shadow rose from the fallen kingdom of Amdír and brought nothing but evil and darkness. Are you ......

v1.8.3 73 mb Read more →
Download Enigma Temple for Minecraft 1.8.3

Enigma Temple 1.0.4

This puzzle map features many unique mechanics. Consisting of three different branches, this challenging adventure will not fail to amaze you....

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Download Party Games for Minecraft 1.8.3

Party Games

Party Games is a multiplayer minigame map inspired by Minecraft Party on the MCBrawl Server....

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Download iFigure Parkour for Minecraft 1.8.3

iFigure Parkour 1.4

Over 30 levels in a unique map: iFigure Parkour. Can you beat all the levels?...

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Download Compact Parkour for Minecraft 1.8.3

Compact Parkour

Run and jump through every level while experiencing different types of Parkour....

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Download Extreme Rainbow Road 2 for Minecraft 1.8.3

Extreme Rainbow Road 2

A map that takes you to space where you are given extreme speed and a huge rainbow road to parkour across!...

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Download Where You At Parkour for Minecraft 1.8.3

Where You At Parkour

Journey through Minecraft by parkouring your way through each level to progress. Medium length 1.8+ map that can be played alone or with friends....

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Download Tate Worlds: The Toy Shop for Minecraft 1.8.3

Tate Worlds: The Toy Shop 1.4.6

Explore a magical world inspired by Peter Blake’s artwork The Toy Shop....

v1.8.3 5 mb Read more →
Download Jay's Speed Race for Minecraft 1.8.3

Jay's Speed Race

A spinoff of Jay's Parkour Race. More speed, less hard parkour....

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Download The Art of Parkour for Minecraft 1.8.3

The Art of Parkour 1.1

This map will teach you The Art of Parkour. Jump through different types of Parkour while learning how to do it....

v1.8.3 882 kb Read more →

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A map that takes you to space where you are given extreme sp

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You find yourself deep below the ground, in a huge cave, wit

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Explore the maze, discover hidden chambers and puzzling land

Download (23 mb)

You find yourself aboard a ship where you find out they were

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