Extreme Rainbow Road 2

for Minecarft v1.8.3

Download Extreme Rainbow Road 2 for Minecraft 1.8.3

Map Info:

It has been about a month since I released the first "Extreme Rainbow Road" map. Since then dozens of Lets plays have been done on it making it my most uploaded (but surprisingly not most downloaded) map to youtube.

With all these Lets Plays (yes I do secretly watch almost ALL Lets Plays on my maps lol) I gained a lot of information on what people liked and did not like in the map! And as you can imagine this has impacted this map immensely.

Here are some examples:

"This is getting repetitive" - To be honest this is slightly true in the first map,Towards the end of the map it was simply alot of running towards the end.I can promise this sort of thing will not happen again.

"Not enough Parkour" - Again this was towards the end of the last map, In "Extreme_RainbowRoad_MC-Edition 2" (This Map) There is alot more parkour based things but (hopefully) it will still keep the same feeling as the last map!

"I dislike the checkpoint system" - Ok I will admit in the last map I was obviously way more focused on pixel-art and making things look nice. I thought it was good enough to have people spawn back and just jump back on to the checkpoint station. Clearly this was not that great as people were walking off the edge and getting "stupid" Deaths. Also less than 5% of people were experiencing a very odd "Lag back" Glitch. This has Been fixed.

Here is what I have done to make the checkpoints Better:

- Made the Platform bigger and without holes (No more Walking off the edge on Respawn!)

- A big star has been put on top of checkpoints so you can clearly see where the next checkpoint is! (See screenshots)

- Made it 3 Blocks tall instead of 2 (To avoid any wierd lag glitches!)

Hopefully this helps solve the whole checkpoint issue.

Besides that there is also alot of new things in this map compared to the last such as:

- New Pixel Art (Don't worry old favorites such as nyan cat are returning as well)

- A brand new track (OK...ok I know this is obvious ;) )

- New Parkour based "Fun Houses"!

- An explose ending to bowser!

....And More!

This Map must be played in MC version 1.8 or higher (1.8.3 is highly advised!)

As always I have already set up the Death-Counter for you!

For updates, Photos and information on future maps. As well as a daily dose of my sillyness Follow me on twitter!

I have also recently started my own YouTube Channel so if you want to show some love go and subscribe!

Download map Extreme Rainbow Road 2

__EXtremeRainbowRoadMC-Edition2.zip (5 mb)

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Published 14.05.2015 by DGLCraft