Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.8.7:

Deep in debt with no relief in sight, can you solve Satoshi'

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A fully working Solar System in Minecraft 1.8, complete with

Download (816 Bb)

With the world threatened by the dark power of the Biome Sto

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Can you beat gravity and survive the continuous fall to make

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Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.8.7:

Cobblestone Conversion

A slightly satirical, story-oriented sci-fi adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously....

v1.8.7 Download (43 mb)

Solar System

A fully working Solar System in Minecraft 1.8, complete with particle effects, and live updating planets represented by invisible armorstands....

v1.8.7 Download (816 Bb)

Packed Parkour

Race with a friend, or go solo! This is a fun, hilarious, short map designed for "The Pack" Youtube group that anyone can enjoy!...

v1.8.7 Download (431 kb)

An Unusual Class

Can you master every single class in the Parkour school? Learn about almost every genre of parkour, and get prepared for your final exams!...

v1.8.7 Download (598 kb)

Fire vs. Water Parkour

Test your parkour skills in a race with another foe, or just jump by yourself!...

v1.8.7 Download (4 mb)

Parkour Unlimited 2.1

Run through several different types of parkour, and levels of parkour. Master all of them to become a true parkour legend!...

v1.8.7 Download (1 mb)

Teaching Parkour 2

Parkour School, everyones favorite thing in Minecraft. They jump, they fall and they rage. After the first school was closed for 2 years they reopened ......

v1.8.7 Download (736 kb)

Teaching Parkour

*RING RING RING!!!* Time for school! But this is not just any ordinary kind of school, this is the PARKOUR SCHOOL!...

v1.8.7 Download (282 kb)

The Slime

Test your abilities with this map which features slime blocks along with normal parkour. ...

v1.8.7 Download (582 kb)

Slap Fight 1.4

Fight using random items given to you by a random spinning color wheel to slaughter your opponents and be the last man alive!...

v1.8.7 Download (962 kb)