Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.9.2:

Here list of the 81 maps for Minecraft 1.9.2, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 11 September 2015, last map added 2649 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 639 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download for Minecraft 1.9.2

The fun browser game recreated in Vanilla Minecraft!...

v1.9.2 2 mb Read more →
Download MLGdrop for Minecraft 1.9.2

MLGdrop 1.1

MLGdrop! Fall on 30 different levels, pass through obstacles, and land on the floor by placing a water bucket, just before you die! Become MLG!...

v1.9.2 7 mb Read more →
Download RageQuit Parkour for Minecraft 1.9.2

RageQuit Parkour

RageQuit Parkour is a challenging Minecraft parkour map consisting of 20 Levels....

v1.9.2 12 mb Read more →
Download The Rotator for Minecraft 1.9.2

The Rotator

Welcome to the Rotator - A puzzle-parkour adventure map based on rotating space itself!...

v1.9.2 3 mb Read more →
Download Malbona's Darkness World for Minecraft 1.9.2

Malbona's Darkness World

Your village was attacked and all of the villagers have been turned into zombies by a virus....

v1.9.2 5 mb Read more →
Download 10 Droppers for Minecraft 1.9.2

10 Droppers

The map includes 10 droppers with amazing effects and structures....

v1.9.2 15 mb Read more →
Download Balance Beams for Minecraft 1.9.2

Balance Beams

Balance Beams is a unique parkour map which introduces the mechanic of balance. Instead of just walking across everything normally, you'll have to make ......

v1.9.2 3 mb Read more →
Download Cube Planet 2 for Minecraft 1.9.2

Cube Planet 2

Your time machine got stuck in a planet and you must use its resources to repair it. Exploring, fighting, crafting, survival. Part 2....

v1.9.2 12 mb Read more →
Download Prep N Fight for Minecraft 1.9.2

Prep N Fight

Two players prepare in their own separate cabins for a set amount of time, where they can craft items, brew, enchant, or trade with a villager! Then they'll ......

v1.9.2 394 kb Read more →
Download Relief Parkour for Minecraft 1.9.2

Relief Parkour

This map contains many levels ranging in difficulty. There are 18 levels of parkour which have most of the elements of parkour in them....

v1.9.2 622 kb Read more →

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A world filled with cities, towns, villages and much more. E

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Looking for a Paradise of Parkour? In the Sky? Then Parkour

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Forage is a puzzle map aimed at testing your searching skill

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