Escape Rooms 2

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Download Escape Rooms 2 for Minecraft 1.16.5

This is the sequel to Looki2000's previous map, ESCAPEROOMS (Not on

This map is about escaping from rooms, buildings, or even an entire city!

Why is it in the 'Finding' category, and not in the 'Escape' category then?

Well, it has been brought to our attention that the puzzles are extremely easy to solve and most of them revolve around finding hidden keys. That's why.

In Escape Rooms 3, the puzzles will be much harder and more diverse.

I and Looki2000 have worked on this map 6 hours daily, everyday, for 1 week.

The map has a built-in resource pack that should load automatically upon spawning on the map.

(Extract '' from the map directory and put it in their 'resourcepacks' folder.)

The average playtime is thirty (30) minutes.

Even though the map was originally designed for only one player, it has a two-player mode (you have to flip the lever at spawn).

Please notice that the two-player mode is buggy and certain things may not work as intended (it is possible to complete the map, though).

There are two trailers, you can watch the second one here. (the first one is on this page)

We have also made a walkthrough in case you get stuck, you can watch it here.


Download map Escape Rooms 2


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Published 22.03.2021 by MCL, Looki2000