for Minecarft v 1.13.2

Dance Floor

Get ready to dance! Dance Floor is a party minigame map worked on together by Cavinator1 and CemreK. Prepare to jam your sneaking keys and hit those space bars over and over!

Players: 1+ (Some minigames require at least 2 players)

Gameplay time: Most individual minigames should not take more than 5 minutes
Minecraft Versions: 1.13.2

11 fun minigames!

Dance Floor contains 11 different fun minigames that you can enjoy playing with your friends, or many can be played by yourself if you have nobody to go with. From throwing tridents at zombies to shooting down vexes with lasers, or guessing pixel art to matching beacon colors, there is something for everyone.

List of minigames:

Zombie Dance

Defeat the dancing zombies by throwing tridents at them!

Riptide Battle

Use riptide tridents to defeat drowned, guardians, and... elder guardians?

Diamond Rain

Cloudy with a chance of bling blangs! Collect more diamonds than your friends to win!

Guess the Pixel Art

Guess the Pixel Art on the dance floor before your friends do to earn points!

Floor Paint

Paint as much of the floor as you can!

Floor is Lava

Beware the orange blocks, for they turn to lava!

Arrow Dance

Move in the directions of the arrows at the right time to earn points!

King of the Dance Floor

Stay in the middle to earn points and use knockback sticks to knock your friends out!

Laser Show

Use laser beams to zap evil flying vexes!

Beacon Matching

Mix your beacon's colors to match the centre beacon!

True/False Quiz

Read each question and stand on the green platform if true or the red platform if false!

More information on the minigames can be found in the Read Me document that comes with the map.

Dynamic customizable dance experience!

When you're not playing minigames you can dance all you want on the animated dance floor. Hang out with your friends and have a good time!
Use Dance Credits you earn by playing minigames to buy more dance floors from the shop alongside different disco balls, disco ball particle beams, and different DJs who will drop the beat with silly and humorous catchphrases. You can also customize yourself by buying different particle effects, hats and suits!

Additional Info:

Using the custom resource pack:
If you are on your own it will load automatically, however in multiplayer everyone (except for the host if playing by LAN) will need to download the resource pack here.

If you are a Youtuber:

If you are recording a video of this map, please credit us in the video or in the description, and leave a link to this map's page. Oh, and send us a comment or message with a link to your video, too. We'd love to see you play our map!
And remember to pronounce our names right! Cavinator1 is cave-in-eight-or and CemreK is... I don't think she'll care if it's wrong :D

Be sure to report any bugs you find to us so we can fix them as soon as possible!


Map created by Cavinator1 and CemreK

Commands, Functions, Game Design and Planning by Cavinator1

Builds, Game Ideas and Planning by CemreK

Testers: Kilorelv and DazedAngel18

Be sure to follow us on Twitter:

Cavinator1: @_Cavinator1_
CemreK: @CemrekArtworks

Join the Blaze and Cave discord:


Download map Dance Floor (3 mb)

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Published 11.03.2019 by Cavinator1 & CemreK