for Minecarft v1.15.2

Download WILDFIRE for Minecraft 1.15.2

Can you survive the Wildfire?

Hop into a game with 2-20 players. The more players, the more chaos!

As time ticks, more and more fire and fury is unleashed on the map, as it burns to the ground. With 12 unique maps, and tons of randomization each game is different than the last! If you do manage to survive long enough, PVP will enable and spectators will be given the chance to seek fiery vengeance.

This minigame is one that I have been play testing and enjoying on streams for the past 2 years and I am glad I can finally share it with the community! I hope that you can have as much fun as we've had sabotaging and burning the maps to the ground.

How To Play

  • Right Click signs in lobby to vote for a map
  • Survive as long as possible, while trying to eliminate the competition
  • Pickup bonus items to help you succeed
  • At 50 seconds left, PVP is enabled
  • At 25 seconds left, sudden death mode starts
  • If you are eliminated you can get vengeance during sudden death!
  • Features

    • 2-20 players, or even more if you're brave enough
    • Lobby voting system to determine which map to play
    • 12 Unique maps
    • 5 bonus power-up items that scatter on the map
    • Sudden Death spectator mode
    • Game play variable with player count
    • Screenshots

      Download map WILDFIRE

      WILDFIRE_CloudWolf.zip (4 mb)

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      Published 23.03.2020 by Cloud Wolf