Desert Pyramid Maze

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Download Desert Pyramid Maze for Minecraft 1.8

Map Intro:

The Desert Pyramid Maze is a large 3 leveled maze that is based inside a pyramid. The goal is to get to the top of the pyramid to get to the many treasures of the pharaoh. To get to the treasure room you must get all 6 ladders. There are 2 on each floor of the maze.


  • Fully Possible
  • 3 level Maze
  • Awesome Treasure Room
  • Lots Of Bread
  • Who Is The Waatson Build Team:

    The "Waatson Build Team" (Say however you like) is a group of 2 cousins; TheWilsta and Lolkid893. We are new when is comes to making minecraft maps but we have lots of previous experience with minecraft in general. We hope to make our maps as fun as possible. To all you tubers and such our maps are all good to play on youtube or anything like that. Just give some credit to waatson build team for making the map. :)

    What are the rules:

    Try not to cheat as it ruins the enjoyment of the map although if you are stuck you are more than welcome to cheat to get to the next point. If you want to follow the rules then please stick to these rules: no breaking blocks and no flying through the walls in spectate mode.

    Version 2 : Fixed bugs and issues with the map.

    Download map Desert Pyramid Maze

    Pyramid Maze By Waatson (1 mb)

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    Published 24.09.2015 by WaatsonBuildTeam