The Einstein Maze

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Download The Einstein Maze for Minecraft 1.11.2

A maze inspired by the "Labyrinth of Einstein". An exciting and simple game; two features that can keep you playing for hours until you can not find the exit.


  • 1) Find The exit
  • Features

    • No mob, you can enjoy peace.
    • 144 rooms to confuse the ideas.
    • Only one way out.
    • Food to survive ... to hunger.
    • Very difficult.
    • Quick and easy.
    • No graphics package.
    • No jumpscare.
    • No Bug problem ... is a light map.
    • Fast Download.
    • Hours of gameplay.
    • A game that crazy.
    • Fully tested and working.
    • A unique labyrinth.
    • Iron Gates and buttons.
    • Easy and bright feel.
    • Additional Info

      • Singleplayer only
      • Have fun! :-)
      • AxE00
      • PS. Do not give up!!
      • Download map The Einstein Maze
 (350 kb)

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        Published 5.03.2017 by AxE00