The Maze Runner

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Download The Maze Runner for Minecraft 1.8

This map must be played in minecraft 14w11b (1.8) or later.


When waking up you find yourself a weird place called "The Glade." You have no past memories of your life.

Outside of The Glade is a massive maze that looks almost impossible to get through, and it's your job to get out.

When night falls huge walls separate the Glade and the Maze, only to protect you from the Grievers that lurk beyond the walls.


  • Do not break any mossy stone brick. You and every player will be killed if you do.
  • No climbing/building over the maze walls.
  • Play in minecraft 14w11b (1.8) or later.
  • Have Fun :3
  • Created By: Samster99 and David1220

    Hope you enjoy!

    Download map The Maze Runner (6 mb)

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    Published 16.04.2014 by Samster99