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Download FLUR 17 for Minecraft 1.15.2

FLUR 17 is a short, 12-level "What Doesn't Belong" map


  • A penalty-less hint system - Use the hints, there's no harm in it. Please use the hints.
  • Explanations for every answer - Find out why I thought you were wrong!
  • An awesome meta story - Don't worry it's mostly optional.. I just put a lot of work into it...
  • Even though this is my first map in years, this is not a beginner map, this map is most enjoyed after playing some other "What Doesn't Belong" maps.

    Post commentary: Read after finishing the map.

    It started out as an idea I had before I went to sleep. I laid in my bed just thinking of all the ways I could pull this off--all of the ways I could insult "What Doesn't Belong" mapmakers. So I quickly jotted down all my ideas and went to sleep. The next afternoon I had finished making base module, but that was only the beginning, I had seriously underestimated the mapmakers. It turns out, it's really hard to make sets like these. Especially with the way FLUR works. At the end of the 12'th level I had gained a new appreciation for the work people like Trevor do. If you cheated and read this all the way though before playing FLUR 17, go download and play it already!


    Download map FLUR 17

    FLUR_17.zip (3 mb)

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    Published 7.03.2020 by oza2000