Welcome to Kurasara

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Download Welcome to Kurasara for Minecraft 1.16.4

Welcome to Kurasara! Here you will learn to forge your own path through the beautiful ruins of Kurasara in this non-linear parkour map. Built for 1.16.4 and above.


  • 9 Unique Areas - Unique in style and in jumps
  • 4 Collectible Gadgets - They help you explore Kurasara better!
  • 12 Optional Lore Books - Each area has at least 1 hidden book!
  • Non-linear level design - Explore the map and make your own paths!
  • Server compatible (should be anyways!) - Play with as many friends as you like!
  • Playtime of a few hours - It depends on how good you are!
  • Additional Info

    This map is inspired by the Metroidvania Hollowknight. As such, there will be cases where paths loop back on themselves and a clear path forward is not always clear. There are also some sections where the only path is forward and you cannot leave until you find a new way out.

    Thanks to friends who playtested and promoted this map.

    Made by the creator of Flur 17 — check it out!

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    Download map Welcome to Kurasara

    Welcome_to_Kurasara.zip (5 mb)

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    Published 11.02.2021 by oza2000