Odd 100 Out

for Minecarft v1.16.2 547 views

Download Odd 100 Out for Minecraft 1.16.2

Welcome to Odd 100 Out!

Odd 100 out is a Minecraft trivia map with 100 levels of fun and excitement although this is just a trivia map, you can have a fun adventure in the sample rooms provided for each level searching for clues and hints Finish 100 levels of odd one out questions with the least errors and show others how much of a pro-Minecrafter you are! Download now and don't miss out!!!


  • 1. Turn Biome Blend off
  • 2. Render distance 8+
  • 3. Use the hints if you have no idea what's going on
  • 4. Don't spam the buttons and wait a few seconds before pressing another button
  • 5. No running in the pool area
  • 6. It's okay to you Zoom or Optifine

  • Download map Odd 100 Out

    Odd_100_Out.zip (11 mb)

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    Published 23.01.2021 by AmirKaká