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Download Pappleton for Minecraft 1.17.1

Every building is fully furnished and stocked, for the purpose of being used for role-playing if wanted.

The main features of this map include:

  • Pappleton High School
  • Jail
  • Farms
  • Apartment complex
  • Housing
  • Shops/ facilities (a LOT of shops, each one individual)
  • Nether travel train station
  • And some hidden surprises you can discover yourself!
  • There is no intended gamemode, or path to follow in the map.

    This build is not inspired by any real-world locations, it is just an original city/town called Pappleton.

    No required texture packs, playing on vanilla minecraft with normal textures is fine.


    Download map Pappleton (62 mb)

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    Published 13.10.2021 by antopolo