Five Nights at William's The End of Minecraft Plus 1.0

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Download Five Nights at William's The End of Minecraft Plus 1.0 for Minecraft 1.19.3

William's Dinofunpark is coming to an end, the possessed costumes are turning into more of a monster than they once were, your job is to keep them inside the building you work in. If they escape they could end the world, survive for 5 nights to hold them back, but beware, they are after you...

You get a call from Jake Mandos offering you a new job as a night guard at the William's Dinofunpark warehouse. However, something is wrong... the warehouse is abandoned and collapsing, and most importantly what happened to the costumes? Your job is to take care of the warehouse and the costumes, use the camera and your flashlight to scare them away, turn off the cameras to lure them away from you. restart the cameras wisely... and most importantly watch out for her... a noise or bright light will not stop her...

Important notes:

  • Do not use any resource packs with the map, only use the resource pack that is built into the map
  • This map can only be played in Singleplayer
  • What is Five Nights at William's?

    Five Nights at William's is a singleplayer FNaF Horror Map Series that is supposed to give you the same feeling as a real FNaF fan game.

    Five Nights at William's The End of Minecraft is a FNaTI The End of Disney V1 inspired game.

    What is Five Nights at William's "Plus"?

    Five Nights at William's Plus is a remake of the original Five Nights at William's Series, this remake includes:

    • New hard mode (Enemies are slightly more aggressive and you only have 3 lives, die 3 times and start over)
    • Improved mechanics
    • Improved AI
    • Improved textures
    • Improved Sounds
    • Custom Night
    • New extras
    • Five Nights at William's Series

      • Five Nights at William's The End of Minecraft (original)
      • Five Nights at William's The Beginning
      • Five Nights at William's 2
      • Five Nights at William's 3
      • Five Nights at William's 4
      • Screenshots

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        Published 28.01.2023 by Shadowdinosaur11