Left To Decay

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Welcome to Left To Decay!

This is brand new Minecraft horror map created by Airlesss who is also the author of another Minecraft horror map, A Night With Billy. You will definitely enjoy this frightening Minecraft horror map as it features original cast of characters, a spooky soundtrack, terrifying jumpscares and more!

Full Walkthrough Of The Map/Game (Featuring Bonus Scenes)


  • Note #1: This Minecraft Horror Map Is Not Made For Multiplayer (2+ Players), Sorry!
  • Note #2: You Must Have A Resource Pack In Order To Play This Map Correctly. It Is Already Included When You Start The Map, However In Case It Doesn't, There Is A Spare One Once You Download The Map File (Don't Put The Spare Resource Pack If The Original One Is Working).
  • Note #3: If You Spawn Anywhere Where You Can See Command Blocks Or Other Redstone Type Blocks, type /setblock 4 92 17 minecraft:redstone_block (Do Not Type Anything Else Or Change The Coordinates).
  • Note #4: If You Find Any Bugs/Glitches/Typos, Please Report Them In The Comment Section, Thanks.

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    Download map Left To Decay

    minecraftmaps.com-Left_To_Decay.zip (68 mb)

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    Published 9.08.2021 by Airlesss