Terrible Jungle

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Download Terrible Jungle for Minecraft 1.17.1


7 years ago, seven college students came to a village named "Noya Chotogao". And they went into the nearby forest out of curiosity. Villagers warned them not to go there. But they didn't listen to the villagers. Then a horrible thing happened there. Only two of the students returned alive. One of them told about many supernatural things that happened there. Was he telling the truth? Some people says that there is a camp for illegal weapon business in the forest and some says about ghosts. Government also made that place restricted after 2014. What is really going on there? That's why an investigator is going to investigate this Terrible Jungle.

Features and Rules

  • 1. An unique story.
  • 2. Single Player Only.
  • 3. Easy to play, no hard tasks.
  • 4. Resource pack included directly into the map.
  • 5. Read written books carefully in the map and get clues what to do.
  • 6. If you get stuck somewhere in the map, use creative mode to get out.
  • 7. Don't change game mode or use command without any reason.
  • Screenshots

    Download map Terrible Jungle

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    Published 2.08.2021 by TH Antu