The Irongate Asylum

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Download The Irongate Asylum for Minecraft 1.16.4

Immerse yourself into a terrifying adventure inside an old asylum

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Years ago Dr. Agon started what he called "The Nate Project". The Irongate Asylum was the perfect place to settle it as it was far away, deep into the woods, and it was home to many ill people who could be perfectly treated as patients. But little they know what was ahead of them, all the tests the doctor did changed every single patient psychologically and mentally, and what once was a peaceful asylum turned into a vast Nightmare

What are you waiting for? An epic adventure, full of terror, desperation and sorrow is awaiting you...

General Info:

  • You must play in singleplayer and in MC version 1.16.4
  • Feel free to leave any feedback so that I can improve my next maps and report any bugs/glitches you may found
  • Although I have created this map with my own animations and gameplay, it is based in the famous horror game Outlast I
  • Enjoy the Horror and... WATCH OUT for any JUMPSCARE
  • In case you get stuck and do not know how to continue your adventure...

    ... watch this walkthrough:


    Download map The Irongate Asylum (20 mb)

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    Published 11.04.2021 by gpg9000