The Redmoore Mansion Mystery

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Download The Redmoore Mansion Mystery for Minecraft 1.16.5

Are you ready to get scared? Become a paranormal investigator in Victorian England to solve an obscure crime from decades ago despite the apparition's best efforts to eliminate you.

The Redmoore Mansion Mystery is a self-generating haunted house murder mystery. Every time you play this, you will have a different experience and regardless if you win or lose, the map will reset in seconds, providing you with an option to play it again... with different mansion, characters, items, scares and lore, generated from a vast pool of options.

Use your equipment to navigate and investigate the mansion, look for evidence and clues, untangle hidden connections. Ultimately, face the ghost and present it with the truth to help it pass onto the other side.

The map is best experienced in single player for spook reasons, but works with multiplayer too - tested up to three people but there is nothing preventing more from trying. There is a learning curve to the map. It is possibly best to read the TLDR, try to play it once and then take a look at the Research Room in the Game Lobby to best grasp the mechanics.

Feel free to record LP's on the map, but be sure to link the YouTube channels of its creator: FallDamage312

The map was created for 1.16.5 but it will be updated past it, based on the feedback from the Discord server. You can also recieve support and trauma counseling on there. There will be sample videos there soon too.



Download map The Redmoore Mansion Mystery (28 mb)

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Published 2.06.2021 by FallDamage312