The Whispers

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Download The Whispers for Minecraft 1.16.5

Mr. Overwoods was a really smart and rich man. At the age of 40 he decided to move with his family to this new Mansion, into the woods, near a small village, called “Overwoods Mansion”. He and his family were really happy for their new home until Mr. Overwoods turned 51.

Mr Overwoods began to have psychological problems and acting weird. His family was scared and worried about him. He was always talking about the whispers he always heard. This addiction drove him crazy and aggressive sometimes.

His family was disappointed and later left him alone and got far far away. A few days later Mr. Overwoods was found by villagers murdered in his own Mansion.

There were reports From villagers that the Mansion was a really scary and haunted place and everyone was afraid  to even look at it. These reports mentioned the house changes by itself and ambient scary voices are heard….


  • The Forest
  • Overwoods Mansion
  • The Attic
  • The Catacombs
  • Game Rules

    • 1. Only for Singleplayer
    • 2. The map should be played on Adventure Mode
    • 3. Brightness: 40%-50%
    • 4.- Master Volume(on): 50%-60% - Weather: 50%-60%
    • 5. Play  the map only with the resources that will be given to you at the beginning of the game. If not you can find them on the downloaded file.
    • ! Jumpscares included !


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      Published 26.03.2021 by Das_Skou