The Whispers 2

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Download The Whispers 2 for Minecraft 1.17.1

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The Whispers 2 (Main Story)

Bill Overwoods died in 1974 a few years after he was abandoned by his family. His wife, Scarlett, and their sons John and Tomas Overwoods moved to Screamwoods forest, where they started their life over.

Although the Mansion was left haunted and empty, mysterious voices and whispers were heard in every corridor. The curse that was locked inside the Catacombs was now unleashed terrorizing the surroundings and Bill Overwoods soul.

There were testimonies mentioning that Overwoods was still alive but not as he used to be, he was seen walking around various places close to his grave and the Mansion, whispering “They left me”.

On the other hand, his family was then considered lost and was nowhere to be found as no one knew where they were a few years following the death of Bill Overwoods.

The mystery continues to unfold at the Catacombs, following the end of the first part of the story. Now is the time to find the rest of the family and their fate...

-NOTE: To understand the story better you need to have played the first game.

! 4 Easter Eggs available !


  • 1. Only for single-player
  • 2. –Master volume(on): 50%+
  • -Music(off)
  • -Weather(on): 30%-40%
  • 3. Only for Adventure Mode
  • 4. Difficulty: Normal
  • 5. Brightness: 50%-60%
  • 6. This map should be played only with the resources that will be given to you at the beginning of the game. If not you can find them on the downloaded file
  • -NOTE: For your better experience use headphones and play in a dark place.

    Map Trailer

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    Published 6.11.2021 by Das_Skou