Distorted Tunnels

for Minecarft v1.16.1 246 views

Download Distorted Tunnels for Minecraft 1.16.1

This is a minecraft maze map.

This map is not just any minecraft maze map, though, it's a minecraft maze map in which the mazes are wrapped around cubes! Each of the 5 mazes consist of six unique faces for you to travel through, getting progressively harder as you go!

Is it multiplayer-compatible?

Yep! It is! Each command block that uses teleportation uses @a over @p so it's perfectly safe when it comes to multiplayer!

How long does the map take?

That depends on the individual! The mazes aren't nearly as long or difficult as some of my other maps, so take that as you will.

Can I record the map?

Yeah dude, you can record it in any way you'd like as long as you credit me! Just like put my name in the description or whatever, and it's perfect!

Are there any rules I need to know?

I mean, you probably shouldn't cheat unless you need to. Which is understandable. Also, the crediting thing, that would be nice. Oh! You need to set your render distance to 2, and probably set particle effects to minimal.

Anything else?

Well, it would look better if you used optifine and turned off the water fog and flowing water effects but it's not necessary! Also, you're never going to go back to an old panel so the borders between em act as checkpoints!

Have fun, y'all!

And good luck swimming through these distorted tunnels!!! :D


Download map Distorted Tunnels

Distorted_Tunnels.zip (2 mb)

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Published 4.09.2020 by DeuxiemeCarlin