TC_5's The Backrooms 1.0

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Download TC_5's The Backrooms 1.0 for Minecraft 1.18.2


After watching numerous backrooms and becoming a fan I decided to create my own interpretation of the backrooms. This map takes inspiration from Kane Pixels and the wiki while adding my own spin to it.  Note there are no entities so explore as much as you want.

Each level will have a clear entrance/exit with some being one-way and two-way, and some may just be a button, these can be found on either the walls or the floors. There are also some that loop back to previse levels, so be carful.

If you make a video on this map use #TC5Backrooms in the description or title.


Download map TC_5's The Backrooms 1.0 (18 mb)

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Published 5.04.2022 by TC_5