Battle Klaitek

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Download Battle Klaitek for Minecraft 1.17.1

Battle Klaitek is a pvp map that you can play both in a team (2v2) and alone.

There are 3 large exciting arenas on the map, which will give you a true passion with your opponent.

Also, each start of a new game is different in different arenas.

1 arena. Classic - at the beginning of the match you appear in a random place, your task after that is to collect things and equipment as quickly as possible then the zone is narrowed.

Classic arena

2 arena. Jungle - at the beginning of the match, you appear on a platform that is located above the arena, thanks to this you can choose a landing site and build a strategy for the round from this. The gameplay in this arena is unusual in that you can climb very tall trees, taking up a very convenient position for long-range bow shooting, which makes the fight even more interesting!

Jungle arena

3 arena. Second Moon - the gameplay in this arena is very similar to the well-known Deathmatch. Every 20 seconds you change weapons and your goal is to collect 12 points by killing the enemy. But do not forget that gravity is reduced in this arena (after all, you are on the moon!)

Second Moon arena

The map also has two training arenas, map customization rooms, training, and that's not all! Download to get a better look and understand that this is the best pvp map with friends!

The map is fully translated into English.


Download map Battle Klaitek (15 mb)

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Published 20.10.2021 by adasika