Hide and Seek

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Download Hide and Seek for Minecraft 1.11.2

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This minigame map is based off of the well-known game called "Hide and Seek". In this Minecraft version of the game, all the Hider(s) will appear as chickens and the Seeker will appear as a silverfish. The Hider's goal is to survive the set time limit per round without being tagged, while the Seeker's goal is to tag all the Hiders. All the Hider(s) that are still alive when the Hiders win will receive 1 point and if the Seeker wins then that player will receive 1 point. The Hider(s) and Seeker roles will be assigned randomly upon selecting a map to play.

This minigame requires 2+ players to play!


  • A custom shop with cool gadgets specialized for Hiders only and for Seekers only, all one time purchases
  • Players who win will receive 1 Point (currency for the shop)
  • Players in the lobby will receive a Stats/How to Play book
  • If a player is eliminated or joined the world/server after a game started, they will be able to spectate
  • Hiders are disguised as chickens and the Seeker is disguised as a silverfish
  • Each role starts out with 1 unique gadget to use in each round
  • 6 unique maps
  • Option to change the game time in the lobby
  • Other Info

    • This map can only be played with 2+ players! At 11+ players, the rest will not play upon starting a map, but will be able to spectate.
    • All the Hiders/Seekers will have a 2 block high radius hit box like normal players, so the Seeker will be able to tag the Hiders by hitting above their head.
    • This map is fully automated.
    • If the Seeker leaves, the Hider(s) will win the game. If the last Hider leaves, then the Seeker will win the game.
    • Shop Items

      • Invisibility Potion (Cost: 5 Points) [Received upon round start as a Hider] - Temporarily makes you invisible
      • SlowMo (Cost: 10 Points) [Received upon round start as a Hider] - Makes the seeker very slow for a short period of time
      • Stopwatch (Cost: 5 Points) [Received upon round start as a Seeker] - Makes all hiders freeze for a few seconds
      • Ranged Tagger (Cost: 5 Points) [Received upon round start as a Seeker] - Gives the seeker a bow that can tag hiders (Only 3 uses)
      • Map #3 (Cost: 5 Points) [This purchase effects All players] - Unlocks the third map for everyone to play


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        • Improved spectating.
        • Improved the anti-item dropping system.
        • v1.4:

          • Fixed bugs.
          • v1.3.1:

            • Fixed small sound error.
            • v1.3:

              • Improved map selector.
              • Fixed even more bugs.
              • Improved spectating.
              • Added 3 more maps.
              • Added an option to change the game time.
              • Added to the Headlandia map.
              • Added a parkour for the Seeker for while he's waiting for the hiders to hide.
              • Added a parkour for the hiders that don't want to spectate and are waiting for a round to end.
              • v1.2:

                • Fixed timer to match real life time.
                • Changed map selector (improved).
                • Removed purchasing map #3.
                • Fixed even more bugs.
                • Screenshots

                  Download map Hide and Seek

                  Hide_and_Seek_v1.5.zip (4 mb)

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                  Published 16.03.2017 by LetzTaco