Future Vs Past, TNT WARS

for Minecarft v1.14.4

Download Future Vs Past, TNT WARS for Minecraft 1.14.4

The clash of the ages has arrived! Past Vs Future TNT WARS!!! Which era will win? The past with the magic castle or the future with the mega transport drone? The choice will be determined in a few rounds of TNT Wars!


TNT Wars is a gamemode that has been known throughout Minecraft's more recent years, dating back to around 1.8 when the gamemode began to take off, hitting a peak in 1.10 with youtubers like LandonMC and PrestonPlayz playing the maps constantly. Unfortunately you don't see many fully functioning maps past 1.12, if there even is any. I, Kas MCAA, a small youtuber, will try my best to revive one of my favorite gamemodes with this first map: Past VS Future: TNT WARS

What's in the Map?

The map isnt anything special. No modifiers, no special mechanics, but it does have style. This is one of my better looking builds for any sort of project. it has a spawn room fit with everything you will need for your cannons: Dispensers, TNT, Blocks, Water, Pistons, Slime, you name it, its probably there. But, if it has Past VS Future, there has to be a mythical castle and a huge drone ready to duke it out. The only thing separating them? A huge wall someone put between them. So you and your friends will have to grab your materials, knock down the wall, and beat the other team!


The rules will be determined individually among you and your friends based on what you agree on and when you can enforce, since I did not add a death counter.


Download map Future Vs Past, TNT WARS

FVP_TNT_WARS.zip (1 mb)

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Published 8.10.2019 by Kas MCAA