Minecraft: Call Of The Void

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Download Minecraft: Call Of The Void for Minecraft 1.17.1

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? Do you like Undertale? Have you seen the Call Of The Void animation?

Well, look no further! I've created a playable version of Call Of The Void in Minecraft for four players! In this map, you can play as either Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, or The Human, each character with their own special abilities and attacks! If you've played Super Smash Bros, that's sort of what this map will be like.

Weave your way through this epic 3v1 complete with all 3 phases from the original COTV animation including the phase cutscenes/transitions. (and Phase 2.5, Panic Attack!) If the human dies, the monsters win. If all monsters are dead at the same time, the human wins. Because some phases don't make sense without certain characters, they'll be force respawned (if already dead) so that the map continues properly and actually makes sense.

I cannot stress that this map is cannot be played with less than four players, since there are four three monsters and a human involved in the Call Of The Void 'route,' if you will.

On the bright side, the map can be played with... MORE than four people!? If you want to step up your game, there can be multiple humans playing at once. If there are multiple humans, each one has a 10 second respawn timer and the monsters will win if all humans are dead at the same time.

That's basically the entire map! Feel free to DM me on discord if you find any glitches or bugs with the map.


  • I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING OPTIFINE! It can mess out with a couple of textures in the map, which is an issue because the textures are extremely important.
  • 4+ player map only! (can be played with more than one human, there can only be one of each monster)
  • View Distance does not matter (8-12 recommended though)
  • Particles NEED to be on ALL!
  • The monsters are in creative mode so they can fly around to dodge the human, not to grief the map! The map was made to work one way and one way only, so breaking blocks, redstone, or command blocks can cause issues.
  • Since the monsters can fly, I'm expecting you as the player(s) to have good sportsmanship and not fly in a corner for the entire game. If you do, shame on you.
  • Slowness and Speed are given fairly often to players. Turn your FOV Effects down to 0% to remove all of the annoying FOV changes during the map!
  • If the resource pack embedded in the map does not work, here's the link.
  • Credits

    Undertale: Call Of The Void by:

    • JedoTime
    • TaeSkull
    • Map based off of animation
    • Screenshots

      Download map Minecraft: Call Of The Void

      minecraftmaps.com-MC_COTV_1.0.zip (79 mb)

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      Published 6.10.2021 by ItzHerobrineTaco