Pumpkin Bedwars

for Minecarft v1.16.5 528 views

Download Pumpkin Bedwars for Minecraft 1.16.5


A recreation of Hypixel's famous bedwars.. but with pumpkins!

Made for 4 - 16 players.


  • If you need to reset the map at any point do /scoreboard players set clear data 1
  • To break blocks you need to be holding an item.
  • 4 Players (Recommended)
  • Can handle 16 Players (Not Recommended)
  • Recommended render distance is 10 - 20 chunks.
  • Generator Splitting has not been implemented.
  • Screenshots

    Download map Pumpkin Bedwars

    minecraftmaps.com-Pumpkin_Bedwars.zip (8 mb)

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    Published 9.08.2021 by CrispyCrunch9