Silence in the Trees

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Silence In The Trees - it's our vanilla map for Minecraft 1.8 made in the style of survival and mini - games.

The game is intended for two-players. One player will have to survive in the harsh conditions in a dark forest, and another player - to hunt for him as a monster.

The surviving has the ability to craft, to build and to do anything to survive. Monster does it all prohibited.

Monster task - by any means to prevent the survival of man and kill him with his axe. A human task is to survive as long as you can. Noisy survival in the forest provided!


  • Large and impenetrable forest.
  • Fun map for game with friends.
  • Gloomy atmosphere.
  • Hardcore survival with a monster.
  • Rules

    • Monster is forbidden to craft and develop.
    • Prohibited cheats.
    • The command blocks must be included.
    • Minecraft version - 1.8.
    • Author Info

      Map By TheSparkiStudioMCO ©

      Thank you for downloading ٩(^‿^)۶


      Download map Silence in the Trees (85 kb)

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      Published 3.08.2016 by TheSparkiStudioMCO