Super Smackers

for Minecarft v1.17.1 75 views

Download Super Smackers for Minecraft 1.17.1

Super Smackers is the classic sumo concept where you have to knock your opponents off the map, but with a twist to it!

There are ender pearls, jump pads and Traps, all of these features combined make the game much more interesting to play, choose from 10 different maps!

The gameplay is intense and really fun with a group of friends, the traps and ender pearls make a massive change to the classic sumo game and the voice acting, custom sound effects, music and models give it its own unique identity! (2-10 players max) (Make sure to have villagers set to true in the server settings otherwise the map will break) (It may also break with PaperMC but this should be fixed in the newest update)



- Fixed the bug where players would be stuck in the lobby.
- Fixed the draw but where it would start another game after the draw.
- Fixed the bug where the game wouldn't start when playing on a Paper MC server.


Download map Super Smackers (49 mb)

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Published 1.09.2021 by EluantStudios