Super Traitor Mystery

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Download Super Traitor Mystery for Minecraft 1.17.1


Super Traitor Mystery is a take on the classic murder mystery games, where everyone is a traitor, innocent, or detective. It is the job of the traitors to kill all of the innocents, while the innocents must determine who the traitors are and eliminate them before it is too late.


  • Five maps, each with unique builds, and mechanics.
  • Settings for the game that can be changed (you can find the settings chest in the red car of the lobby)
  • Many secrets in the maps, and lobby!
  • ===The People On Earth Team==

    • Code:
    • Sodium12
    • Technic_Void

    • Build:

      • maskedlemon
      • Icingg
      • TrafficHamster
      • Promotion:
      • Norton9
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        • Screenshots

          Download map Super Traitor Mystery

 (27 mb)

          Maps by The People on Earth:

          Bomb Buddies is a small puzzle map where you explode 16 diff

          Download (7 mb)

          Norton, a [REDACTED] salesman gets on a plane to meet his bo

          Download (46 mb)

          Other PVP Maps:

          A survival PvP map where anything goes! No rules! Just kill

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          Inspired by the infamous 'Hunger Games', The Elements pits u

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          This is the Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants revamped

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          2-12 Players fight on up to 5 random maps and can create the

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          A game wherein there is one person who is "it", and needs to

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          This insane PVP map brings a whole new meaning to the word "

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          A minigame map based off of the well-known game called "Hide

          Download (4 mb)

          Published 20.10.2021 by The People on Earth