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Download SuperMurder for Minecraft 1.16.4

A small team challenged themselves to recreate the famous Murder game mod from Garry’s Mod. The result contains different configurations, unique in-game events, a shop placed in your inventory, as well as different power-ups given to the bystanders to keep the fun going for everyone.

The power-ups

The map adds different power-ups to the players, all of which are turned on by a right click. This way, the by-standers can obtain one of the following effects:

  • Ghost: He can become invisible for about ten seconds.
  • Drugged: He can consume an illegal substance to become faster. Unfortunately, he also becomes sick.
  • Taser: He owns a taser. The person hit by this weapon is stunned for a couple of seconds.
  • Thief: He can steal the power from a dead bystander.
  • Angel: When killed, the anger from gods falls upon the killer, whether it is another bystander or the murderer. A thunder is heard and the killer is seen for a couple of seconds.
  • Suicidal: When killed, his explosives belt is activated, killing everyone in range of the detonation. (The murderer can recognize him with certain particles being present around that bystander’s head.)
  • All of these power-ups can only be used once (the last two for obvious reasons).

    The murderer, who is slightly disadvantaged with all of these power ups, now own a teleportation controller, and the power to change appearance into one of the killed bystander, although he can use these once a game. He could then use these to run away, or to attack swiftly.

    Shop and Events

    The shop allows you to buy certain useful items:

    • A Gun, for 15 gold ingots, which gives you a gun with 3 ammos with which you can act as the best police officer. (Ammos can be purchased for 3 gold ingots.)
    • A Lighter, for 5 gold ingots, with which you can light it up.
    • A Shield, for 6 gold ingots, which will protect you from a fatal hit.
    • A Trap, for 4 gold ingots, which gives you a bear trap, which prevents a person from moving for a few seconds.
    • A Random Teleporter, for 5 gold ingots, with which you can teleport at any spawn points on the map.
    • The events can change the ending of the game:

      • Slime, some slime spawn on the map. Be careful, they are extremely cute.
      • Explosive sheep, they run towards you and explode.
      • Mine, mines spawn on the map. Be careful, they explode.
      • Storm, everything is in the name.
      • Acidic rain, the rain gives some negative effects.
      • Switch of positions of the players, the players switch positions.
      • Double gold, the amount of gold ingots collected is doubled.
      • Rare events, these are extremely rare and deadly events. Can you find them? (If so, come on the official SuperMurder Discord and post a screenshot or a clip of these events.)
      • Additional Gameplay

        In a map, you can find a given amount of gameplay tweaks, useful to win your games.

        • Many secret ways are hidden in the maps.
        • If the murderer stays too long next to the gun sitting on the ground, he receives negative effects.
        • If the murderer doesn’t kill anyone for a while, he emits smoke particles.
        • A minimap is available. (It has to be activated in the inventory menu.The minimap works only on some maps : Ice Mountains, Magnitude Five, The Moon, Manoir, Scarface. We are working on adding it to more map)

          Our discord (Usefull if you have any suggestion/bug)


          Download map SuperMurder

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          Published 6.01.2021 by Evan91380, Redcoal