Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.13.2:

This is our first map and is a medium difficulty parkour.

Download (5 mb)

This map is made for singleplayer and it should take you abo

Download (3 mb)

A Medium-Lengthened Minecraft Parkour Map to Play With Other

Download (2 mb)

In this map you will change the worlds with the exciting par

Download (1 mb)

It's the Holiday Season! You have traveled to the North Pole

Download (3 mb)

The Christmas Redemption is an adventure map made for single

Download (1 mb)

Are you ready to craft the craziest $1.000.000 rainbow shove

Download (1 mb)

You wake up in sterile facility. You have no idea who you ar

Download (3 mb)

After the lab you're working at goes into lockdown, you must

Download (8 mb)

Are you able to conquer our tallest jungle, deepest ocean, m

Download (24 mb)

While you were investigating an "incident", your helicopter

Download (36 mb)

The Legend of Willow Valley is a fully voiced adventure map.

Download (326 mb)

Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.13.2:

Jumping Around the World

¡Jump through nine levels full of special blocks and secret areas!...

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This is a mini-game map available in English and French....

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Crimson Torrent

Your vacation trip to the nether went horribly wrong and now you are stranded in this nightmare. Retrieve 6 obsidian pieces to repair your nether portal ......

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Can you survive a world full of TNT? (this map is not for the faint of heart)...

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A find the button map with a gimmick I havent seen used before....

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Prism Survival

Welcome to prisma survival! In this map you must complete 55 challenges while surviving in this prism!...

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Block Tower

A 256-block tower. Can you reach the top?...

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Blocks vs. Zombies: Fanmade

This is a multiplayer tower defence game based on the Plants vs Zombies. The youtuber Sethbling made a map based on the same idea very long time ago for ......

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Cookie Parkour

Mmmmm cookies... i mean wait what? oh yeah this is a new parkour map based around cookies! in this small sized parkour map travel around on cookie platforms ......

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Break Up!

Each level will have 7 different pairs, but 3 of those pairs are not correct. Which ones? How well do you know Minecraft trivia?...

v 1.13.2 Download (868 kb) Read more →