A Color To Remember

for Minecarft v1.13.2

Download A Color To Remember for Minecraft 1.13.2

After a long colorful adventure, solving a giant Rubik's cube and finding out that Pink is your daughter, It's time to end the adventure right now.

Will you be able to end the war between The Rainbow Colors and The Rejected Colors? 


Welcome to A Color To Remember! So this is a finale to a map series called "The Color Series".

Now if you want to play the other maps(prequels) then please do so:

  • The Rubix Cube (Prequel to Colors The First War)
  • Colors The First War (Sequel to the Rubix Cube/Prequel To A Color To Remember)
  • Colors The Origins (Prequel to The Rubix Cube)
  • Kim's Continued Story (Alternate Universe/Sequel to The Rubix Cube)

    If you don't want to play the previous maps then that's fine! All information of the storyline will be provided in the map before you play it!

    If you are stuck then check on my channel for a walktrough ( My Youtube Channel )

    Make Sure that you have the Resource Pack


    1. Render Distance = 16-18

    2. Graphics = Fast
    3. Clouds = Off
    4. Particles = On
    5. No Cheating!
    6. Make Sure you have the Resource Pack On!
    7. SinglePlayer Only!
    8. Found a Bug? Report it in my Discord or Report it here!

    Special Features

    1. Own Made Resource Pack

    2. 5 Chapters
    3. 2-3 Hours Playtime/Duration
    4. 8 Endings
    5. Faster 2nd Playtrough(Check QnA to see what this)
    6. Mixed Adventure Map(Means it has mixed elements like parkour,puzzles,mazes,finding stuff,etc)
    7. 15000+ Command Blocks
    8. 9 Months of Development


    1. What is "Faster 2nd Playtrough?"

    It makes the map quicker to play so you can get more endings. This will only be enabled once the map has been completed once.

    2. Can I be a beta tester in your maps?

    Of course! Apply in my Discord.

    3. Is this map Multiplayer?

    No. It can work with Multiplayer but there are too many bugs so no.

    4. I Found a bug! Where can I report it?

    My Discord or Here!


    Crystal Craft Team

    • UzairCat (MapMaker) - My Patreon, My Twitter, My Discord, My Youtube Channel
    • Da_Noobiest_Noob (Command Dude and Music Maker)
    • PugslyTheSecond (Builder) - My PlanetMinecraft
    • Dis_Fox_Doe (Voice Actor) - My Youtube Channel
    • Spike (Jnr Builder)
    • Smurftin (Jnr Builder)


      Download map A Color To Remember

      A_Color_To_Remember_v1.0.zip (57 mb)

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      Published 6.07.2019 by UzairCat