Dinner with Grandma

for Minecarft v1.13.2 847 views

Download Dinner with Grandma for Minecraft 1.13.2

In this difficult adventure and complete the monument map, see the world through the eyes of a house cleaning robot and complete house chores!

Lots of custom loot, mobs, and fancy commands. Good luck!

Made in three days with passion and functions with the help of JamesRyan.

Please play in 1.13.2. Do not cheat, stay in Adventure Mode, do not open the nether, and don't blame us if you fall into an abyss below the sink ;)

Download map Dinner with Grandma

Dinner_With_Grandma_v3.0.zip (4 mb)

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Published 8.07.2019 by Synn City, CooleyBrekka