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Download SPECTRUM for Minecraft 1.8.8

Spectrum is a complete-the-monument map with multiple genres, similar to the map Diversity.

Consisting of six unique branches (puzzle, parkour, arena, dropper, adventure, and trivia), this custom map offers tons of variety.

Originally, I did not want to copy qmagnet's idea of multiple genres.

However, with the creation other multi-genre maps such as Variety and Bandiser, I decided to take a swing at it. Now, after 8 months of hard work, I am proud to finally present to you Spectrum!


  • Do not use commands.
  • Set your render distance to at least 16 chunks at all times.

    • Minecraft Version: 1.8.8
    • Vanilla Minecraft (No mods or resource packs)

      • Brightness: Bright
      • Clouds: Off
      • Particles: All
      • Music and Sounds: All at 100%
      • ABOUT

        • Players: Only 1
        • Play Time: 2-6 hours

          First, I want to thank all who want to make a video for my map. It means a lot to me. If you do make a video, please be sure to mention that it was created by kwirky from the Minecraft Forums.

          Also, make sure to leave a link to this page in the description of this video.


          • It would be great if you could rate my map. It means so much to me.
          • If you do decide to review my map, then please be sure to play through the entire map.

            Comment down below to let me know!

            Puzzle Parkour Arena Dropper Adventure Trivia


            Download map SPECTRUM

            Spectrum.zip (7 mb)

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            Published 10.10.2015 by kwirky