Chunk Loader

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Download Chunk Loader for Minecraft 1.12.2

A Complete the Monument map by Diamond Hunter Zero mixing in elements of adventure, PVE and randomness for good measure.

The world has been shattered, and the Gods are in ruins. The presence of a dark being is felt across the realms and chaos descends on the surviving people. The world has been erased and the only remaining pieces of matter exist in a structure known as the Chunk Loader......

Welcome to Chunk Loader, a Complete the Monument map in which the land you gather resources from is randomly selected for a list of possible chunks at the start of each new day. Combining elements of Captive Minecraft, Skyblocks and Dungeon Crawlers, Chunk Loader allows players to explore new lands each dawn in order to complete the monument, restore the Gods and battle the evil responsible for the destruction of the world.

The player must present a series of blocks to the monument chamber, which requires them to search and explore a range of loaded chunks, craft items and fight off mobs. Each Monument block will bring the player closer to the final boss and their mission to restore the Overworld!


What sort of mind-bending features are there I hear you ask? Well....

Shrinking Borders:

  • At night time, the world border will shrink to the size of two blocks wide. Anything outside the world border is instantly deleted and destroyed! So don’t stay outside at dusk for too long...
  • Astral Companionship:

    • Along your journey your will be accompanied by Warlock, an interpreter of the Gods who is willing to trade for a few basic items and may even grant you access to the Gods’ Chamber!
    • Seasonal Effects:

      • All four seasons are present in the map, rotating every three days. Each season will affect the player in different ways. It’s up to you to learn and plan for their effects.
      • Bold Bear Hugs:

        • There are cuddly Polar Bears in this map. I promise you. They’re not all that important but i just wanted to mention it anyway...
        • Mini-boss Chambers:

          • Sometimes chunks will spawn a stonebrick chamber filled with nasty enemies and at least one maze! Make it to the centre of the chamber (or dig your way through) and may summon a mini-boss by activating the command block! Plenty of dropped goodies!
          • Villager Shops:

            • By unlocking the Gods’ Chamber, players may buy unique items from the Gods themselves! Everything from potions to armour to spawn eggs may be found here!
            • Misterious Monument:

              • The Monuments room is located in the shattered realm of the Everspace, a minuscule dimension players may visit during daytime using the Everspace Codex.
              • Yes that’s right! All of this and (not much) more!

                Prepare yourself for a new adventure


                • Download the zipped folder on this page by pressing the download button. Simple, right?
                • Navigate to your minecraft directory folder. On Windows this is normally “%appddata%minecraft”, while on mac it is “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft”
                • Locate the “saves” folder and place the zip file inside this. Extract the folder here.
                • Boot up Minecraft and ensure you are playing on 1.12 or later.
                • Proceed to enjoy map.
                • Multiplayer

                  In order to initiate a multiplayer or lan game of this map starting from the beginning lobby, follow these instructions:

                  • Ensure that the host has loaded the world and is still in the opening lobby. Don't attempt to start the map yet!
                  • Non-host Lan players will spawn in the overworld outside the lobby. They must first type "/function chunk:everspace" into chat. Ensure cheats is activated for these players!
                  • Once all players in the overworld have a copy of the Everspace Codex, each player must use it to teleport to the Everspace.
                  • Once all players are in the Everspace, have the host type tp all players to themselves. They may then press the start button.
                  • Not So Frequently Asked Questions

                    Is this map lag inducing?

                    • Due to the limitation of structure saving and loading in minecraft, generating chunks will cause lag. However, players will be alerted via chat as to when lag may be expected. It is best to play this map with as much ram as possible.
                    • Does this map work on Multiplayer?

                      • Yes. Chunk Loader is multiplayer supportive. Please note that all players must be present in the Everspace before attempting to battle the UnderDragon. Chunk Loading and Deleting mechanics may also become lag inducing on servers. This map is best enjoyed with a few friends!
                      • Do I need to complete all those advancements? Some of them look hard...

                        • Nope! The Custom Advancements included in the map are purely for additional challenges or assistance. That said, I dare you to complete them all!
                        • Who is Warlock?

                          • I’m not really sure. Who are you anyway?
                          • Do I need to install the resource pack shown in the screenshots?

                            • No. The resource pack used in the screenshots is MCMojang by RobotPantaloons, and is not needed to play the map in any way. It is however, strongly recommended purely for looks!
                            • You can find it here.
                            • The UnderDragon doesn’t have a healthbar or isn’t taking damage!

                              • This is a bug with summoning the enderdragon in minecraft via commands. If it doesn’t fix itself, exit and restart the world/server.
                              • I lost my Everspace Codex!

                                • Don’t worry. Simply type “/function chunk:everspace” into chat!
                                • For any other issues, questions, comments or epiphanies, leave a message down below! – Diamond Hunter Zero


                                  More screenshots can also be found here.

                                  Download map Chunk Loader

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                                  Published 17.03.2018 by Diamond Hunter Zero