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Download Atmosphere for Minecraft 1.10.2

This map has to be played in survival mode, since it is also a survival map; you and your pet pig Herman find your selves on a floating island surrounded by other 8 islands with different shapes and bosses (some have more xp than the Ender Dragon!).

Each island has a Monument Chest, which contains the Block and some extra food and building blocks to move between the islands. Some chests contain custom armors and weapons, useful to the epic final battle!

You will die a lot of times, so I activated the keepInventory and turned off the mobGriefing. It won't rain, but the sky will darken anyawy.

Also be sure to enter the map while in easy, normal or hard difficulty: if you don't, the bosses will not spawn.


Download map Atmosphere (923 kb)

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Published 11.10.2016 by Ikonik