Adventure map.exe

for Minecarft v1.14.4

Download Adventure map.exe for Minecraft 1.14.4

You are an admin of the Minecraft adventure map "element". Things didn't work out the way you've wanted and now you are stranded in your own map. Can you access all the hidden places in the map to get back your admin status? After you've collected all of the four pieces of the command book that can help you to return to the control room, you realize there is another force at work trying to destroy the map.

Number of players

This map is intended to be a singleplayer map, but it supports multiplayer as well, even though it would be much easier to complete the levels with multiplayer.

Find coins

There are 25 coins scattered across the map. Can you find them all? The information of where all the coins are can be unlocked once you've played the map at least once.

Unlock endings

There are 5 different endings, each unlocked by making different decisions. The map is designed to make replaying much easier. You could select which chapter to start with once you've played through the map at least once.

Eliminate glitches

There are 5 hidden glitch levels. Complete them all to unlock the secret ending that involves a boss fight.


There are 8 different achievements, some are easier to be completed than others. You can see the list of achievements in the lobby.


Download map Adventure map.exe (4 mb)

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