Galactic Waste of Time 2

for Minecarft v1.14.2

Download Galactic Waste of Time 2 for Minecraft 1.14.2

Hi there! This is Galactic Waste of Time 2. I planned to have it out ages ago, but my computer screwed up and deleted the almost-complete map. :( But in some ways, that was good, because that allowed me to make it way more epic.

This map is for version 1.14.2! No other version will work! Singleplayer only, No cheating, bla bla bla.


You wake up after your crash and use the communications in your pod to call for help. Later, Dr. J. McFly tells you that there are more aliens in our solar system. You reluctently agree to check it out and are unpleasantly greeted by parkour, PVE, two minigames, and a boss fight.

Thanks for downloading! Any bugs can be reported to me at [email protected]


Download map Galactic Waste of Time 2 (6 mb)

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Published 7.06.2019 by SomeTsea