Give Me My Potato Back.

for Minecarft v1.14.4

Download Give Me My Potato Back. for Minecraft 1.14.4

This adventure map is full of adventure! you go through many different levels with easy parkour, story, and also lots of fun, silly elements to make it fun! as the creator, I am also in this world and need your help. you had stolen my good friend's potato and they really need it back!

Thing is, whilst you adventure to find my friend, you discover the hidden power of the potato and you need to make the sharp decision of A: saving the world or B: ending it all...

what will you choose?


  • No switching game modes,
  • Clouds on
  • Brightness whatever
  • Don't break blocks!
  • make sure you take what's needed in the chests.
  • Have fun!

    I'd like to thank my friends and random peoples' heads I used to make it more fun. I also would like to tell you that if you really liked my map that you could follow me on different platforms!

    Youtube: ItzHxppy

    Instagram: hxppy_yt



    Download map Give Me My Potato Back. (20 mb)

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    Published 25.08.2019 by ItzHxppy