Heart of Darkness

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Download Heart of Darkness for Minecraft 1.16.5

About the map : The heart of darkness is a story driven open world map. The map has customized enemies, custom structures. But the most amazing stuff are the missions given to you by the NPC found around the mountain village. Complete the missions for rewards.

Map story : a number of rifts (or openings) have appeared all over the island. The rifts are pouring out evil monsters. You are a new arrival on the island. your ultimate goal is to trace the root of evil and banish it. To reach it you'll have to follow amazing story missions (There are some side missions too !) . certain areas can only be reached if you possess certain items.

hints and clues can be found all over the map in books and journals.

Before playing read this :

  1. some villagers talk if you get close to them. If they gave you a mission, return to them after completing the mission and their dialogues may change.
  2. resources are scarce. use your food, clothing and weapons wisely. The map has no caves. although minerals (iron, coal etc.) can be found.
  3. a lot of command blocks can be found all around settlements. if you encounter any command block while mining or anything, let them be. they are important.
  4. Although an adventure category map, the gamemode is survival to let you get creative while fighting mobs.
  5. lore and guides can be found around the map. read them to find what should be done next.
  6. some areas of the map are intentionally forced adventure mode.
  7. The combat is balanced. if you want to fight a boss head on, go on. If too tough, tower up and kill it. your game your rules.
  8. the gameplay time is almost 3-5 hours.
  9. some areas are very very enjoyable.
  10. If you encounter any bugs, comment. I'll fix them asap.

    if you have anything to ask, feel free to comment. I'll reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks for playing my game.


    Download map Heart of Darkness

    Heart_of_Darkness.zip (197 mb)

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