I Don't Know What Map To Make

for Minecarft v1.16

Download I Don't Know What Map To Make for Minecraft 1.16

Henzoid joined the game.

<Henzoid> Hey, sorry to bother you, I'm trying to get people to play-test some stuff. See, I have a slight problem. I don't know what map to make. Think you can help?

<Henzoid> The rules are pretty simple. As long as you're in the newest minecraft snapshot/pre-release, everything should work correctly. And, as usual, singleplayer only.

<Henzoid> It should only take about an hour, don't worry. With my random ideas and your... existence... we should have a great map figured out in no time!

Henzoid left the game.


Download map I Don't Know What Map To Make

I_Dont_Know_What_Map_To_Make.zip (70 mb)

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Published 16.06.2020 by Henzoid