Mission Duty

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Download Mission Duty for Minecraft 1.16.5

Mission duty is large open world map with 27 different missions to do, inspired by GTA 5. These missions vary a lot! They can be anything from rob a bank to elytra race!

In this map you will experience missions there you plant bombs to blow up a bridge or missions there you defend your base from enemies.

The map has an overall medium difficulty and will take around 2-3hours to complete. Can you complete all missions and find all 50 hidden easter eggs?

Map Features

  • Multiplayer friendly
  • Reset and replay the whole map infinit times or replay a specific mission
  • Custom items, grenades, sticky bombs, flamethrower...
  • Large custom built world full of secrets and details.
  • 50 hidden easter eggs to find
  • Around 2-3h of play time
  • Custom mechanics such as. Unique fail "animation" and a special item pickup system.
  • Fun for all players, both begginers and minecraft veterans.
  • Custom texture pack (Included in world file)
  • Many different missions that vary a lot so it never gets boring
  • A simple nice story and many hint messages
  • Many /trigger commands
  • Trigger Commands

    List of /trigger commands [​Run these commands in ingame chat]/trigger Cheat_Mode (Unlock all items and give infinit ammo to guns)

    /trigger Credits (Shows credits, links and fun facts)

    /trigger Fast_Travel (Teleport to reach location)
    /trigger Ghost (Enter or exit spectate mode)
    /trigger Next_Mission (Cheat complete current mission)
    /trigger Next_Stage (Cheat complete a part of current mission)
    /trigger Previous_Mission (Reset current unlocked mission)
    /trigger PvP_Mode (Enable or Disable pvp for multiplayer)
    /trigger Reset_Game (If you want to reset eveything run this command)
    /trigger Suicide (A quick way to die/fail mission if you want to restart from last checkpoint)


    Map Download [​mc1.16.5 v1.0] (Recommended)

    Map Download [​mc1.17 v1.1]
    Video Trailer


    Download map Mission Duty

    Mission_Duty_v1.0.zip (16 mb)

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    Published 1.07.2021 by Zombie1111, _Elton