Nothing Makes Sense

for Minecarft v1.15.1 1,163 views

Download Nothing Makes Sense for Minecraft 1.15.1

Hey! Are you ready to join this bizarre adventure? If the answer is "yes" prepare yourself to enter a world where everything you know about minecraft is useless, where nothing makes sense!

All you have to do on Nothing Makes Sense is to complete real simple tasks that you surely already did on normal minecraft, but in a world where everything inside minecraft is different, where a block drops a completely different item than it should, etc.

Remember to never craft more items than the minimum possible per time(like 4 wood planks or 1 crafting table per time), otherwise the map can break and you'll have to reset the task you're in, i know that is anoying and i'm already working on that for my next projects.

If you enjoy it check my Youtube Channel, it is where i'll be showcasing future maps and making another kind of videos about them. If you hate it, tell me why! This way I can do better in the future.

Thanks a lot and have fun!


Download map Nothing Makes Sense (21 mb)

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Published 22.01.2020 by reftupine