Planet M4RS Rescue

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Download Planet M4RS Rescue for Minecraft 1.16

Months ago a team of scientists returned from a mysterious Planet with a sample of some of the purest energy in the universe!

A 2nd team was dispatched, ATLAS Crew. Their objective was to gather & collect as much samples as they could & return them to ORBIT CORPS.

Unfortunately contact was lost with the Crew & their mission success is unknown.

YOU have been tasked with going to Planet M4RS to locate & rescue the ATLAS Crew. You may be their only hope, but will you be able to escape the Planet yourself?

  • Explore an Alien world full of scary creatures with new items/loot.
  • Complete with a custom resource pack including voice-acting, new mob skins, ores, music, sounds & more!
  • Look around for hidden easter eggs & bonus items!
  • Singleplayer
  • Being the 1st custom map I've ever finished, any feedback is appreciated!
  • This map took about 6 months to create.

    Inspired by Subnautica.


    Download map Planet M4RS Rescue (140 mb)

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    Published 11.09.2020 by Bloody Duckers