The Graveyard Tale

for Minecarft v1.17.1 373 views

Download The Graveyard Tale for Minecraft 1.17.1


Using the help of the stone statue, Likeke, navigate your way through challenges and puzzles to escape the graveyard!

Not required, but click here to play the prequel of this map if you want some backstory to add to your journey.

  • 1 Player only
  • 3 hidden easter eggs to find
  • About 30-60 minutes of gameplay
  • An emotional and mysterious story
  • A variety of unique puzzles and challenges
  • No resource packs required
  • Have fun! Whether you're casually playing or recording a let's-play, this map is perfect to sit down and have a good time.

    Credit Sir_Platitude if you record a LP :) I always love seeing people play my maps!


    Download map The Graveyard Tale (3 mb)

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    Published 20.07.2021 by Sir_Platitude